Blood testing is one of the cornerstones of modern medicine. However, by the time most physicians send their patients for blood tests, one or more chronic disease illnesses have already taken root.

Dr. Boyce strives to prevent the onset of disease in his patients hence why he recommend regular blood testing. More than snapshots of liver and kidney functions, cholesterol levels, etc. blood tests also provide clear information about nutrient deficiencies.

With regular blood testing, we are to observe physiological trends that are unique to you as an individual. This information is critical because changes over time tell the story about what is going on inside your body.

Dr. Boyce recommends, as an easy and inexpensive means of receiving labs. It is a convenient alternative to the invasive and time-consuming environment of a doctor’s office. And your results are sent directly to you.

Dr. Boyce has no financial relationship with He simply recommends the company because he wants patients to have the best quality labs at the lowest most competitive price.