I had a male patient, in his 60s who refused to undergo laboratory blood testing. His exact words were that “if you go looking for problems, you will find them.” He was very dogmatic in his belief that prayer, intermittent fasting, and an organic vegetarian diet were the only things that he needed to prevent chronic illness. He never presented with any signs and symptoms that would indicate an illness chronic or acute, but he loved to meet with me and talk about supplements. After a number of visits, I succeeded in convincing him that laboratory diagnostics needed to be a part of his health maintenance and disease prevention plan. He went for labs; lo and behold his results were consistent with a clean bill of health. His story had a happy ending, but there are many cases where patients who have not had blood work for years, finally have labs done, only to be diagnosed with an advanced chronic condition (i.e. diabetes).

Why Should You Get Blood Tests?

For many people blood tests are one of the easiest ways to assess your risk factors and check your overall health status. Blood tests give a “snapshot” of what is going on inside your body. They:

  • Help pinpoint the cause of unusual symptoms such as weight gain, headache, thinning hair, or swollen joints.
  • Provide information on organ function
  • Determine how well certain medications and treatments are working
  • Help to diagnose diseases such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and anemia
  • Evaluate risk factors for heart disease and stroke
  • Monitor hormone levels for optimal health and aging
  • Can be used to learn about genetic mutations and genetic risk
  • Screen for food sensitivities and allergies
  • Pinpoint vitamin and mineral deficiencies

On my website, there is a link to a lab service.  It’s a direct –to-patient blood testing company which offers comprehensive and specific labs tests at discount prices.  It involves paying out of pocket for the blood tests of your choice, without the input of any third party (i.e insurance company).  The benefit is that you, the patient are free to choose for yourself what to test and how often. There are thousands of lab tests and as result, I strongly recommend that patients choose lab tests under my guidance.  Another benefit is that the results belong to you, the patient and not the insurance company as part of your medical record.

If you haven’t had your blood tested this year, you should seriously reconsider. Regular blood work is an integral part of any modern health maintenance program.  Go to www.boycenaturalhealth.com, click on Laboratory Results.

Get Tested! Get Healthy! Live Better!

Dr. Boyce